The Event ~ What You Should Be Doing To Prepare NOW

With all the talk about the upcoming “Event” and the debates surrounding it, now would be a good time to put some things into perspective, especially if your discernment tells you the “event” is real and fast approaching.  Before we continue, I will briefly explain what the Event is, for those who are unaware of this topic.  Essentially, the Event describes a visible Energetic wave of light energy arriving from the Central Galactic Sun through our Sun.  This wave will wash over and permeate the entire earth and everything on it.   During this time, humans who can handle and hold this light and energy will be upgraded physically, spiritually, and healed on multiple levels.  Many will awaken with new Healing abilities and spiritual gifts like telepathy.  In addition, this wave transforms the part of humanity that is ready into 5th dimensional beings into the strongest 5th dimensional timeline that was manifested.   This was a very basic overview, so please feel free to research the Event in more detail if you wish.

Misusing New Age Spiritual Teachings: How many Sharons Do You Know?

There is an epidemic of people within the New Age Spiritual Community who misuse, intentionally or unintentionally, Spiritual Concepts in order to avoid taking personal responsibility.  This video is a parody.  It is intended to bring some attention to this issue in a hopefully funny and light-hearted manner in order to promote much needed discussion. 🙏

Powerful Unified Field Meditation ~ Unify and Upgrade Your Chakras Now!

Today you will learn how to Unify all your Chakras into one Main Unified Field 'aka' the Unified Chakra field by some.  The end of this blog has a video with an actual Unified Field Meditation.  But before you listen to it, I want to share some basic information about the Unified Field.

“Traditionally, the Chakras were cone-shaped and centered at seven locations in the physical body field.  They were the means by which your various energy fields exchanged energy.  However, they are evolving from separate cones into one unified Chakra centered on the heart Chakra.  This is important because a unified field allows you to align your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies, and to harmonize their energy.” (An Ascension handbook by Tony Stubbs, pg 86)

Break Soul Contracts, Ancestral Agreements, Energetic Blocks, and Release Karma

As we awaken spiritually and begin to see the world through new eyes, we quickly realize that following a spiritual path is not always easy.  When working on ourselves, we often have to deal with emotional issues that we have buried and refuse to deal with.  Often, we have obstacles stemming from previous lives, and from contracts or agreements we made, before taking our physical embodiment.  However, when these blockages or agreements no longer serve our growth and actually stand in the way, the following exercises are ways to free yourself, so that you can truly blossom in your spiritual journey, and in the process, be able to better serve others and the planet, by helping in the raising of consciousness and vibration.

DO NOT Go Into The White Light! It's NOT What You Think!

Do not go into the White Light
We have all heard the statement multiple times, that if you see a ghost or encounter a Spirit, that we should urge them to go “into the White Light”.   We are told that going into the “Light” is what we are supposed to do, in order to go back to Source of all creation.   Often we remind ourselves, or loved ones, who are close to crossing over, that when the time arrives that finding the White Light or the White Tunnel of light is what should be done, in order to avoid being trapped or lost in the Astral Realms, as incarnate beings for eternity.

The Magic and Power of Mount Shasta To Accelerate Your Ascension!

The Magic and Power of Mount Shasta To Accelerate Your Ascension!
There are many spiritual centers around the world - each offering unique energies and fulfilling a purpose not only for the locals, but for mother Gaia as well. Mount Shasta is one such Spiritual center that many seem to overlook, but is definitely a powerful force affecting your spiritual life, whether you know it or not. Mount Shasta is a beautiful and Majestic dormant Volcano in Northern California that has long been a major Spiritual center for thousands of years - even during the time of Ancient Lemuria. In fact, It’s spiritual and energetic significance was so important to the Lemurians, that they selected Mount Shasta as their primary and major location to build their 5th dimensional city, named Telos, where they could continue their Lemurian civilization and way of life after the final sinking and destruction of their motherland.