DO NOT Go Into The White Light! It's NOT What You Think!

Do not go into the White Light
We have all heard the statement multiple times, that if you see a ghost or encounter a Spirit, that we should urge them to go “into the White Light”.   We are told that going into the “Light” is what we are supposed to do, in order to go back to Source of all creation.   Often we remind ourselves, or loved ones, who are close to crossing over, that when the time arrives that finding the White Light or the White Tunnel of light is what should be done, in order to avoid being trapped or lost in the Astral Realms, as incarnate beings for eternity.

However, as many awaken to the truth, it becomes obvious that going into the Light is nothing but the final trick, and act of deception constructed by the controllers of the Earth-Matrix, in order to prevent us from Escaping the prison-cycle of Reincarnation.  

In Truth, by going into the Light, you do not return to Source.  You are NOT freed.  But instead, your Soul is recycled and forced BACK into the Current Earth Prison-Matrix system - and it happens whether you want to or not. 

The Beings who set up the Earth-Matrix know that as humanity continues to awaken, the Matrix system is weakening and that more and more souls will finally free themselves from their control and forced-cycle of reincarnation.   In response to this ever growing awakening process, they have increased the push and intensity of flooding the Earth-Mass-Consciousness with the thought-implant that going into the now famous White Tunnel of Light is what you Should and Must Do in order to avoid being Trapped as a Ghost for eternity.  Ironically, by using this fear and misinformation tactic, they get you to willingly re-submit yourself back into their control just a little bit longer, as they know eventually the Matrix will collapse if the Ascension process continues.  Their goal now is to delay this process as much as possible in order to buy time, either for their escape, or for a plan to be implemented that sabotages the Awakening Ascension process and therefore ensuring they stay in full control.  

So What Can You Do If You See The White Light?

Do not go into the White Light
To begin, simply DO NOT go into the light.    The artificial light system is designed to read, know, and feel your thoughts and feelings.  It knows what you love, enjoy, and cherish.  It also knows your regrets, sorrows, and weaknesses.  It will use this information to create emotions, feelings, and images to manipulate and draw you into the light.  It will use your emotional triggers and deep desires to make the White Light practically irresistible.   However, you must resist.  Instead, Look up or sideways, or turn away from the light.  As you look into the Dark void, realize you are in complete control and that nothing can harm you.  Ask for the Web-matrix to be revealed and for all holes, weaknesses, and exits to be shown to you.  Then go towards an exit.  Once outside of the Earth-Matrix, your full power and remembrance of who you are will become 100% clear.  With your mere thoughts you can choose to travel and explore other worlds, galaxies, and dimensions.  You can visit other planetary systems where you had previous lives before incarnating on Earth.  If you wish, and when ready, You can also go into the Galactic Central Sun and re-join and become energetically one with the true source of your creation.  Once Free from the Earth-Matrix-Prison system, you have the true freedom to decide along with Source, what you want to do or experience next, if anything.  At this point, any decisions you co-create will truly be best for your spiritual-soul journey. 

Do not go into the White lightInitially, many may resist or reject this revelation, as we have been conditioned that going into the White Light is the right thing to do.  Many of us have told loved ones to go into the light, so perhaps uncomfortable feelings of guilt, horror, shame, or doubt may arise.  However, you must work though those feelings and let them go as quickly as possible.  Understand that you only did what you thought was right at that time.  Knowing what you do now, you can make different choices.   

Ultimately, if and when the time comes for you to exit your physical body, will you go into the Light?  Or will you be courageous enough to go into the dark void, in order to see the true light, and find your true spiritual freedom?  That Choice is yours.  Now that you know how the system works, whatever choice you make will truly be yours, and only yours to make. 

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