Misusing New Age Spiritual Teachings: How many Sharons Do You Know?

There is an epidemic of people within the New Age Spiritual Community who misuse, intentionally or unintentionally, Spiritual Concepts in order to avoid taking personal responsibility.  This video is a parody.  It is intended to bring some attention to this issue in a hopefully funny and light-hearted manner in order to promote much needed discussion. 🙏

If you are honest, you will recognize "Sharon" in a lot people within the Spiritual/New Age Community....And perhaps even yourself.   Instead of getting triggered and lashing out, which is common among those who claim to work for the "Light," please take a moment and reflect as to what YOU can do to move beyond the "fluffy bunny" stage and into REAL spiritual growth and soul searching that goes beyond the superficial.

If we are to make a difference in this world, then we must start with the shadow work within ourselves and the Spiritual community.   Maybe then, those around us, will begin to see you and others in the Spiritual community as the Lightworkers or Wayshowers you are meant to be.  It is time to take your spiritual growth seriously and lead by example; not by fluffy beautiful words that are hollow, without substance, and devoid of true wisdom.

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