Powerful Unified Field Meditation ~ Unify and Upgrade Your Chakras Now!

Today you will learn how to Unify all your Chakras into one Main Unified Field 'aka' the Unified Chakra field by some.  The end of this blog has a video with an actual Unified Field Meditation.  But before you listen to it, I want to share some basic information about the Unified Field.

“Traditionally, the Chakras were cone-shaped and centered at seven locations in the physical body field.  They were the means by which your various energy fields exchanged energy.  However, they are evolving from separate cones into one unified Chakra centered on the heart Chakra.  This is important because a unified field allows you to align your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies, and to harmonize their energy.” (An Ascension handbook by Tony Stubbs, pg 86)

The Unified Field allows you to receive much more direct communication with the highest levels of your own Spirit. It promotes true essence contact - soul meeting soul through the bodies - between you and others. It allows you to more easily access a more loving and holistic view of self, others, and the universe. It facilitates better access to your intuition about people and events.

If you use the Unified Field Meditation every day for two weeks, you will then reach a point where you can Unify your Fields simply by the command “Unify” or “Unify Now.”  Another method is to visualize breathing in light and then expanding it around you from your Heart Center outward.  This will also immediately Unify your fields.

You will know if you need to reinstate the Unified Field if you are dwelling in the past or worrying about the future. Since the Unified Field also puts you into a kind of expanded Now-state, that's also a tip-off that you're no longer in the zone.

For those who may not know and to avoid confusion during the meditation, the Center-core is your heart Chakra.  This is where you will be expanding your Unified Field from.  Also, the Alpha and Omega Chakras are now active.  “The Omega Chakra, 8 inches below the spine or root Chakra connects you to planetary consciousness and this is where you should be grounding from now and not the root or base Chakra.  The Alpha Chakra, 8 inches above your head, connects you to the fifth dimensional light-body.” (An Ascension handbook by Tony Stubbs, pg 88)

Okay now, get comfortable, relax, and get ready for the Meditation.   If you want to skip directly the Meditation, go to the 2:53 mark in the video.

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"An Ascension Handbook" by Tony Stubbs
Council of One / Susannah Redelfs ~ councilofone.org

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