The Event ~ What You Should Be Doing To Prepare NOW

With all the talk about the upcoming “Event” and the debates surrounding it, now would be a good time to put some things into perspective, especially if your discernment tells you the “event” is real and fast approaching.  Before we continue, I will briefly explain what the Event is, for those who are unaware of this topic.  Essentially, the Event describes a visible Energetic wave of light energy arriving from the Central Galactic Sun through our Sun.  This wave will wash over and permeate the entire earth and everything on it.   During this time, humans who can handle and hold this light and energy will be upgraded physically, spiritually, and healed on multiple levels.  Many will awaken with new Healing abilities and spiritual gifts like telepathy.  In addition, this wave transforms the part of humanity that is ready into 5th dimensional beings into the strongest 5th dimensional timeline that was manifested.   This was a very basic overview, so please feel free to research the Event in more detail if you wish.

With that being said, if the Event is real, we have reached a critical moment in humanities history.  We have all arrived at the definitive fork in the road, and we are choosing which road we will take individually and to some degree, as a collective.  Each road represents a competing possible timeline, so the path or timeline you choose to feed energetically NOW becomes the highest possible timeline you are manifesting for yourself after the Event.

So How Do You Choose Among The Competing Timelines?

You start by silencing your mind, go within, and focus on the highest possible timeline for yourself.  In your minds-eye, see the world you want to live in.  Feel the energy of that reality.  Focus on the smells, colors, and tastes.  What is your life like there?  What kind of society do you live in?  How are social institutions structured?  See and feel yourself living in that reality in as much detail as possible.  The most important part during this process is to feel this New Earth, reality, dimension, or timeline like it’s already here or like it’s already part of your everyday life.   Do this at least once a day if possible.  The more you feed it, the stronger it becomes.

Five Important Things To Remember About 'The Event' During This Time:

1.  Dark service-to-self entities are already trying to hijack the Event by spreading fear and misinformation about it or flat out denying it will even happen.   Stay focused on your highest possible vision now more than ever.  Stay away from the fear-matrix as much as possible.  People who are afraid WILL NOT be able to hold the light, which is what they want.

2.  Continue to work on your personal issues and spiritual growth.  You do not need to be perfect, but the more baggage you can release the easier the process will be, and the more light you will be able to hold.  Help others if you can, but NOT at your expense.  At the end, this is a personal journey, so make sure you are as prepared as possible.  You will be able to assist those who have chosen to stay, but still need help, more effectively AFTER the Event has taken place.

3.  Eat a high vibration diet if possible.  Ideally, a well balanced Vegan diet is best, followed by Vegetarianism.  If you can’t do either, then a diet high in Green, fruits, and vegetables, but low in animal products would be the third best thing.  Lastly, minimizing consumption of refined sugars and salt is helpful as well. 

4.  This next step in the Ascension process is a personal one.  Yes, this will be a planetary event, but not everyone is ready for this next step nor wants it.  Do not get stuck in the All-Or-Nothing version of Ascension that has been aggressively sold to many in the Spiritual movement.  Everyone will eventually get there, but not always at the same time.  Respect the journey of others as you would ask others to respect yours.  If you have agreed and accepted that your personal Ascension process is conditional on everyone being ready at the same time, then release that soul contract and agreement now.   Otherwise, you may be anchoring yourself to the current 3-D reality and delaying your individual spiritual journey.  See my blog entry and video on breaking Soul Contracts and Agreements listed at the end of this blog entry.

5.  Do not try to control things.  Do not try to control where you will be during the Event.  Go about your life.  Many will feel the Event approaching.  You may feel tingling, vibrations, or certain sensations in your body.   The symptoms will vary from person to person.  Once you realize the Event is here, try to calm down, sit or lay down, and focus on the wonderful reality you wish to create.  Ask your Higher Self for assistance during this process.  If you feel some fear, try to let it go.  Breath and let go.  Enjoy the process.

Let me know what you think of the Event?  Do you believe it is real?   What other recommendations would you give to someone in order to be ready?  Leave your responses in the comments section.

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