The Magic and Power of Mount Shasta To Accelerate Your Ascension!

The Magic and Power of Mount Shasta To Accelerate Your Ascension!
There are many spiritual centers around the world - each offering unique energies and fulfilling a purpose not only for the locals, but for mother Gaia as well. Mount Shasta is one such Spiritual center that many seem to overlook, but is definitely a powerful force affecting your spiritual life, whether you know it or not. Mount Shasta is a beautiful and Majestic dormant Volcano in Northern California that has long been a major Spiritual center for thousands of years - even during the time of Ancient Lemuria. In fact, It’s spiritual and energetic significance was so important to the Lemurians, that they selected Mount Shasta as their primary and major location to build their 5th dimensional city, named Telos, where they could continue their Lemurian civilization and way of life after the final sinking and destruction of their motherland.

But What Makes Mount Shasta So Special And Unique?  

A lot of what we have been told about Mount Shasta is not completely correct or only half-truth.  As the Energetic Shift continues, the Lemurians or Telosians, who still reside in the area, are now ready to release more information about the true power of the area.  They state that those living now who have a connection to Ancient Lemuria or Mu will start to feel an increasing stronger pull to the area, especially as the energies continue to intensify.

Mount Shasta has been labeled by some as the Root Chakra of the Earth. However, this was never accurate. Anyone who has been to Mount Shasta knows this is wrong. Everything about Mount Shasta is Higher Sky Chakra Consciousness geared to accelerate the Ascension energies on a personal and planetary scale. In fact, the area is an entire 12-Chakra system within the whole unified planetary Chakra system. This is what makes its energy and power truly unique. As the higher energetic ascension light codes approach earth, they are processed and funneled through the Mountains higher 12th through the 8th Chakras.  At this point, the Telosians and other higher dimensional benevolent beings, of the True Light, may amplify these frequencies for further benefit to humanity and the planet.

The Magic and Power of Mount Shasta to Accelerate Your Ascension

Once these Ascension light-codes reach the Crown Chakra, they are quickly funneled down through the lower Chakras, causing them to transmute and emit part of those ascension codes into the earth’s atmosphere. The remaining light codes are then grounded and anchored deep into the Earth. At that point, these codes are amplified and sent out to all life on the planet. This process accelerates in raising individual and planetary consciousness, and ultimately, Ascension.  Many man-made ancient pyramids around the world played a similar role, but on a local and smaller scale, and mostly for the Elite Priesthood.

How can you maximize your benefits from this Unique Gift Mount Shasta offers the World?

The Magic and Power of Mount Shasta to Accelerate Your AscensionSimply, quiet the mind. Take a few deep breaths, and visualize yourself merging with the Mountain. Ask for your Chakras to align with that of the Mountain. At this point, see yourself receiving Ascension Light codes and frequencies. As this energy moves through your Chakras, they are cleared and realigned. You receive the right amount of upgrades you can handle at this time, but know that your Ascension process is accelerating. Release any doubts, fears, or anything that is holding you back. See yourself becoming pure light. Stay with the Mountain for awhile if you desire. When you are ready, return back to your physical body and ground yourself if needed.

And that, my friends, is an easy way to connect with Mount Shasta and amplify the benefits she gladly offers you and the world. If you ever get a chance to visit the area, please do so. The Mountain is not only beautiful but also mystical in many many ways, and it will be an experience you will never forget.

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