The Event ~ Manifest The Highest 5th Dimensional Timeline

The Event ~ Manifest The Highest 5th Dimensional TimelineWith all the talk of the Event and a shift into a 5th Dimensional timeline, we are seeing various versions of what life will be after the Event.   This may cause a lot of confusion and doubt in the minds of many.  However, what you are witnessing are people tapping into several competing 5th dimensional timelines.  Some of these possible timelines are better than others.  If one of these realities doesn’t resonate with you, then it’s because that is NOT the timeline that matches your current vibration.  For this reason, be cautious of anyone telling you that what they see is the definitive future that awaits you and everyone.  They either don’t understand that several timelines can and do exist within the broader 5th dimensional frequency or they have an agenda to push their specific version of the future.

In either case, if someone shares a dream, vision, or download of what life will be like after the event takes place, please be aware that what they are sharing is THEIR own 5th dimensional timeline that they are currently heading towards.  If you like that specific timeline, then you can focus on that timeline by feeding it energetically with your thoughts, feelings, and visualization.  See yourself in that 5D reality in as much detail as possible.  If, however, you don’t agree with that person’s vision, then now is the time to manifest the reality you want for yourself.

The Event ~ Manifest The Highest 5th Dimensional Timeline
Timelines Get Better As You Go Up The 5D Frequency
Without making this too complex, I will try to explain this in very simplified terms.  Essentially, within the 5th Dimensional Frequency there may be 3 main dominant timelines. If you visually try to imagine going from the bottom going up, the bottom band is the lowest timeline that is still better than our current 3D reality, but it’s the closest to it, so although you will see many positive changes, and life will be better, it may still have limitations.  As you move up to the second strongest timeline, you will see a better 5th dimensional reality.  The Top version is the ideal and best of all the timelines that exist within this vibration frequency.   There are also multiple sub-5th Dimensional realities in-between each of these 3 main timelines.  And again, the higher up you go, the better the timeline.

For this reason, it is essential that you focus on the highest possible timeline for yourself and the world. DO NOT settle for less.  We are at a crucial moment in history and we all deserve the best.  Ultimately, where we end up after the event will be the strongest possible timeline we managed to feed and vibrate into. 

So, my dear friends, don’t be afraid to aim for the Stars. If you end up landing somewhere in-between, then that’s okay too.  Once there, you will know you created the best possible 5D reality without giving your power away or by allowing someone else to use you to create their vision of the future for you and others.   The choice and power as creators is truly in our hands, so don’t be afraid to use it.  But the time to create that reality is Now.  

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